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The Baker's Story

27th June 1914.


It was just another working day in the humdrum life of master baker, Arthur Marsden, and his family. As he mixed dough for the morning’s bread run, he had no concept of the change that was about to be unleashed, the repercussions of which would leave no corner of the world untouched.


Set in a West Yorkshire town, this powerful story charts the life of the Marsden family as the country sleep-walks into a conflict that will change lives forever.


Using detailed research, award-winning author, Alan Reynolds, has constructed a moving saga reflecting the social conditions of the time through the eyes of a working class family - women’s rights, industrial unrest, and a class war that teetered on the point of revolution.


A riveting narrative that will keep readers gripped while providing a powerful insight into what life was like in the days leading up to the First World War.

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