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Imagine the scene; April 2006, the height of the Iranian nuclear crisis. The Iranian secret police, with its thirty thousand agents, spies and informants, were everywhere. Relations between Iran and most of the rest of the world were low; the Americans, with their itchy trigger fingers, were unpredictable.

Against this backdrop, a cleaner at the British Embassy compound in Northern Tehran, Iran,  slips a piece of paper to the wife of the Cultural Attaché. The cleaner’s husband is one of Iran’s leading nuclear scientists and he wants to defect to the UK. The message reaches MI6 headquarters in London; urgent high-level meetings take place. Is it authentic or are the Iranians playing games? Is it even feasible? Agent Nick Houghton is sent to Tehran to find out. A nail-biting thriller which will have readers flicking through the pages as the story reaches it’s gripping conclusion.

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"A gripping tale"

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