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Arthur's War

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel, The Baker’s Story, award-winning author Alan Reynolds continues the historical drama following the Marsden family into the depths of the First World War. Mildred Marsden, the family matriarch, can only watch as the conflict takes her family in different directions with mixed fortunes. Using detailed research, we are transported back to the horrors of the trench warfare in Flanders and witness the effects on the serving soldier both physically and mentally. We learn too about the bravery of the female volunteer ambulance crews as they strive to save the lives of the wounded in what has been described as the first example of ‘industrial warfare’.

At home, meanwhile, the social divide is all too apparent as life for many continues as normal in blissful ignorance of the sacrifices of others.

Another gripping tale, carefully crafted to provide the reader with an insight into the world of our great, great grandparents at the time of their greatest challenges.

‘A strongly plotted historical novel filled with engaging characters.’

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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