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In the Works

In this section of the website you can see some of my work that is largely complete, but not in the position for publishing.  Some of this work may never get published but has been an interesting project nonetheless.  All artwork is temporary

The Drive

Jonathan Cummings is a Forward Exchange dealer in The City and lives off Glen Park Drive, an affluent Oxfordshire suburb. It’s the kind of Drive that would house someone on a six-figure salary and equally impressive bonus. But what happens when the cut and thrust of the dealing room gets too much for him, when his coping mechanism fails? The story follows that very scenario, and the chain reaction that results. Soon the ripples will be felt by many residents of The Drive. An action-packed thriller which will have readers turning the pages to see what happens next.

The Favour

The sequel to Flying with Kites we again follow the fortunes of Katya and her life choices. The harshness of the Kosovan War is once more depicted in graphic detail. We meet again the favourite characters from Flying with Kites and we learn more of the drug wars back in the UK and what happens when a favour is called in.

King Bee

King Bee is another action-packed thriller from Alan Reynolds. It follows the life of Joey Walker and his rise to fame as a boxer whose fortunes change after he is injured in an incident during a major fight. Unable to fulfil his promise he starts his own nightclub and casino empire, but unknowingly, his future becomes inexorably linked to a Mafia hit-man whose actions would come back to haunt Joey in later years.

Set in Liverpool, Belarus, Ukraine and Hungary; it will take the reader on an emotional roller-coaster as the book powers to a dramatic climax.

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