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New Novel update

The hashtag #amwriting hides a multitude of challenges. Each new book I write I want to be better then the last. I want the characters to shine; the plot to intrigue and entertain readers. I'm on chapter 17 of the new one and I have a rough idea of how it might end - but that could change! It's primarily about obsessive behaviour and its consequences; I don't have a proper title; the working one is 'Twelve' because it's my twelfth book; I have one or two thoughts but I will probably wait until it's finished. - another 20k words to go I reckon. In this chapter I have been researching Costa Rica, its people, culture, environment; it's a fascinating place and one I would love to visit. I had the same feelings when I wrote Valley of the Serpent and the Kakuda National Park in the Northern Territories of Australia. I'll keep you updated on progress


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