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Welcome to the home of Alan Reynolds, author of the acclaimed Flying with Kites.  Here you can see news and information about his books and upcoming publications.


For more about the man behind the books, check out the Bio page, where you can hear an interview Alan did with the Harrogate and District talking newspaper in 2019.

You can read the first chapter of each book on the individual book page.  See the 'My Books' tab.


Below are all the current news and information relating to each book.

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Book signing 

'Book signing and presentation evening -

The Grove Book shop, Ilkley, 26th July 2023

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Uncertain Times

‘Alan Reynolds’ sixteenth novel to be published has been announced. Called ‘Uncertain Times’, it is the fourth episode in the Marsden family saga, and brings the story up to 1939 and the run-up to war. It should be available to buy shortly. The page will be updated when the date is confirmed.’

The Last Poppy - cover.jpg

The Last Poppy

The Last Poppy, the final episode of the Marsden Trilogy is complete and available to purchase on Amazon as a digital download or paperback.

‘A compelling finale to the Marsden trilogy.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Arthur's War - Cover 2.jpg

Arthur's War

Arthur’s War, is now available on Amazon. 

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel, The Baker’s Story, award-winning author Alan Reynolds, continues the historical drama following the Marsden family into the depths of the First World War. Mildred Marsden, the family matriarch, can only watch as the conflict takes her family in different directions with mixed fortunes.

‘A strongly plotted historical novel filled with engaging characters.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

The Baker's Story (2).jpg

The Baker's Story

27th June 1914.


It was just another working day in the humdrum life of master baker, Arthur Marsden, and his family. As he mixed dough for the morning’s bread run, he had no concept of the change that was about to be unleashed, the repercussions of which would leave no corner of the world untouched.

For more information, and read the first chapter 

Trent Island.jpeg
Trent Island.jpeg

Trent Island

The gripping thriller Trent Island, is out now and available on Amazon

It seemed like another routine, humdrum morning for Courtney Kline, the chief reporter at the Eastport Echo, until she opened an email sent from the chair of the anglers association. He had evidence that something was killing the fish in the local river.

For more information, and read the first chapter 

EXFIL cover 3.jpg


Imagine the scene; April 2006, the height of the Iranian nuclear crisis. The Iranian secret police, with its thirty thousand agents, spies and informants, were everywhere. Relations between Iran and most of the rest of the world were low; the Americans, with their itchy trigger fingers, were unpredictable.

For more information, and read the first chapter 

Smoke Screen Cover1SR.jpg
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Smoke Screen

In this sequel to the acclaimed novel and Wishing-Shelf Awards finalist, The Sixth Pillar, we again follow the exploits of former SAS officer Rory Calderwood, as he tries to rebuild his life following his time on the North Sea Gas rig.

For more information, and read the first chapter 

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12 Cover3 Final.jpg

Twelve - A date with obsession

Sarah, an ambitious senior manager for a prestigious departmental store decides to find a partner using an on-line dating website. After rejecting eleven potential suitors, she reads the profile of Jez Steadman, the twelfth, and believes he has possibilities - good looking, intelligent and, importantly, solvent. Initially, the signs are promising and Sarah believes she has made a good choice, but, gradually, his behaviour becomes more and more obsessive.

For more information, and read the first chapter 

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Other news and announcements


Flying with Kites wins bronze medal in the Wishing Shelf Awards 2013

Wishing shelf awards for Sixth Pillar, Flying with Kites, Valley of the Serpent, Smoke Screen and now 12 - A Date with Obsession
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