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Based in Yorkshire, Alan Reynolds’ interest in writing came later in life following a successful career in Banking.

Combining writing novels with his role as a coach, mentor and international learning and development specialist, his experience in psychology, leadership and human behaviour has helped build the strong characters in all his books.

He took up writing as a hobby and completed his first novel, ‘Flying with Kites’, a harrowing and moving story based around the war in Kosovo, in just three weeks, in early 2010. It immediately acquired a cult following on the ‘Authonomy’ website with  one reviewer calling it 'an important story that needs telling'.

His work subsequently attracted the interest of Fisher King Publishers who launched ‘Flying with Kites’ in September 2011, initially as an e-book but following initial demand in paperback. He has now completed eight novels which are detailed further on this site.

His second novel Taskers End was published in Dec 2012; his third, Breaking the Bank, April 2013; The Sixth Pillar followed in October 2013, and his most recent, The Tinker in December 2014. All have received acclaim from readers with numerous 5* reviews.

In interviews he is regularly asked what inspires him to write and his response is 'to entertain people'. He does this by engaging the reader in the strong plot lines and by keeping the reader guessing how the books will end.

His work was recognised in April 2014 when Flying with Kites achieved a bronze in the Wishing Shelf 2013 awards.

The Sixth Pillar was #1 in the Military Download section on Amazon UK shortly after release.

Alan Reynolds has a growing following and is a regular at book clubs throughout Yorkshire and the north. He is available for book signings and talks about his work and writing in general.

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The Author is available for functions and book readings.  You can contact the author here